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This Ford-Ferguson partnership gave to the world a new type of Fordson tractor far superior to any that had been known before, and the precursor of all modern-type tractors.

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However, this agreement by a handshake collapsed in when Henry Ford II took over the empire of his father, and started to produce a new Ford 8N tractor, using the Ferguson system. The matter was decided in court in Undaunted in spirit, Ferguson had a new idea. He approached the Standard Motor Company at Coventry with a plan, to adapt the Vanguard car for use as tractor.

But this design had to be modified, because petrol was still rationed in the post-war period. The biggest challenge for Ferguson was the move from petrol-driven to diesel-driven engines and his success gave rise to the famous TE, of which more than half a million were built in the UK. Ferguson will be remembered for bringing together two great engineering stories of our time, the tractor and the family car, agriculture and transport, both of which have contributed so richly to the well-being of mankind. The tractor must work in harmony with the climate, and the fertility of the land, and the humble spirit of the farmers.

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Oh, what a lad he is. What an achievement, pulling this much younger bird. Best of luck to him. Let him have his bit of fun. An eighty-four-year-old lad. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.

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What a great pair of knockers. The inevitable result would be the uglification of the species.

Never allow technology to be your master, and never use it to gain mastery over others. Is this really what you want?

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But first let us turn to the title essay of this volume. I go along with the principle that a good machine ought not to make a nuisance of itself. Most, but not all. Some years ago, Elliott was visiting a friend in Vermont when he suffered a coup de foudre. The object of his passion was a little red tractor.

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It had a front-end loader capable of lifting an amazing weight of stones or gravel or sand; in the rear there was a power take-off. You can see why he was smitten. Friends Tom Newcomb and Joe Daves were indispensible in restoring the tractor. The journey is unsupported, other than his travel partner, Ron Wachholtz, who will be making the trip atop his own Ford tractor.

Newell said with two tractors making the trip, it could be helpful in terms of parts and repairs, along with moral support. The machining and fabricating company in the metal industry makes precision parts and products for customers, including The Boeing Co. Newell figures it will take weeks to get to Prudhoe Bay averaging miles per day, barring any hold ups.

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