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Immediately after fertilization, the newly fertilized egg begins moving down the fallopian tube before attaching itself to the uterine wall. About a day into the journey, cell division begins within the fertilized egg. This starts the process that will turn that ball of cells into an embryo, then a fetus, and eventually a baby. Pregnancy is generally broken down into three trimesters of about three months, or 14 weeks each. In the first 14 weeks of pregnancy, many of the typical symptoms or side effects of pregnancy set in.

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These include ones like nausea, morning sickness, and tender breasts. Many women experience bleeding in the first trimester, which can be extremely scary. Other symptoms of pregnancy that occur during the first trimester include discharge, fatigue , frequent urination, and weight gain. More significant symptoms that could point to dangerous complications include intense abdominal pain, serious bleeding, and rapid weight gain.

Anyone who is planning to get pregnant should begin seeing a doctor beforehand anyway, but once you are pregnant, getting good pre-natal care from a health professional can greatly increase your chances of a safe and smooth pregnancy. Your body may also require more calcium to help the baby develop. If you were afflicted by morning sickness and fatigue in your first trimester, good news. It should clear up in the second trimester, with relatively smooth sailing throughout this important time in your pregnancy. Some half of women will even be afflicted with bleeding gums as a result of increased sensitivity.

As always, the more serious side effects mentioned in the first trimester section bad pain or cramping, severe bleeding, etc. Also, depending on how you feel about shopping, it may be time to start looking for maternity clothes, as regular-fit jeans may not be cutting it anymore. During the second trimester, your doctor may encourage you to take a quad mark screening test, which is meant to screen for Down syndrome and other abnormalities.

Alternatively, they may want to test a sample of amniotic fluid. Between 18 and 22 weeks, it should be time for one of the most exciting clinic visits of all: the mid-pregnancy ultrasound. If the baby is in the right position, the clinician may be able to tell the expecting parents what sex it is. Many of the symptoms that began earlier in the pregnancy, like back pain and breast enlargement, will persist. Some symptoms will be even stronger, like the frequent urge to urinate, which may turn into occasional leakage.

You also may begin to experience new symptoms as well, like spider or varicose veins or swelling in the ankles.

What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting Because You Don’t Want Kids

Braxton Hicks, or false contractions, can also show up in the third trimester. The third trimester is where the most weight gain takes place, and is also when the shape of the belly shifts as the baby turns downwards in preparation for birth. When this happens, the pressure of the baby on your lungs will ease up. Nonetheless, the new position will transfer that pressure to the bladder.

The combination of weight gain and hormones may also result in certain skin changes, including stretch marks and the linea negra, a dark line that runs down the abdomen.

The nipples or areolas may also darken in color. Your breasts may begin to leak colostrum, a yellow-ish liquid, in preparation for milk production. There are signs to look for at this time that may indicate early labor, and if any of them occur, the expectant mother should see a doctor or go to a hospital ASAP.

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These include cramps, leakage of amniotic fluid, and discharge followed by the passage of a mucus plug. If addressed quickly enough, symptoms of early labor can sometimes be reversed. While you may have been given a due date by your doctor, babies are famously unreliable. So as you approach your due date, look out for typical symptoms of labor.

However, the body technically begins preparing for labor weeks beforehand—the aforementioned shifting of the baby in the abdomen is part of that. The majority of pregnant women go into labor within a day of this happening. If they do not, doctors may find it necessary to induce labor. Contractions may start. In the first stage of labor, the cervix begins to expand. As the cervix opens more, contractions will become more painful. You must wait until the cervix is fully open. This is second stage of labor.

By working longer hours and writing more short-turnaround news stories, he was able to build up a small financial buffer before his daughter was born. This helped tide him over during the eight weeks of paternity leave he gave himself. Building a small nest egg is easier said than done though.

Workdays can be interrupted by prenatal checks every week or so. Some women and LGBTQ couples may need to make regular trips to fertility clinics even before they get pregnant. And adoptive parents often have to handle paperwork and social worker visits. That means parents may not have time to save as much as they like. The best way to work around that is to keep editors abreast of your situation, which St-Esprit did by being frank about assignment expectations and potential time off as soon as she started considering adopting her youngest child. Other situations can also disrupt carefully laid plans, such as complicated pregnancies that require bed rest, or result in an early delivery or in miscarriage.

Keener found out her second pregnancy was no longer viable a week through a routine ultrasound a week before a big feature was due. In her case, Keener and her editor decided on a new deadline together, which was three and a half weeks after the original, and gave her the chance to rest and recover. Memory and attention issues that sometimes arise in a pregnancy can sidetrack writers too.

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The evidence is mixed, though. A study , for example, showed that pregnant women experienced difficulty remembering words, but did not experience any impairments in other types of memory, such as recognition or working memory.

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Setting realistic expectations while remaining flexible is what helps freelancers gracefully transition into parenthood. The Open Notebook is committed to paying all our contributors competitive professional rates. If The Open Notebook has helped you, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution. And thank you! After welcoming a new child into the family, freelancers can ease back into one assignment at a time, compared to staff journalists who have to dive back in full force.

Having a few pre-reported pitches that you can freshen up and send to editors helps when you are ready to start work again, says Jyoti Madhusoodanan, whose work has appeared in NYT Parenting , Nature , and Knowable Magazine , among other outlets. Parents may need to squeeze work into set chunks of time, such as when their infant is sleeping, has a nanny, or is in daycare. There is little room to procrastinate with a baby. It can help to have multiple support networks, in case of unexpected breakdowns in childcare, baby ear infections or more serious illnesses.

Caretakers can fall ill too, Madhusoodanan says. And sometimes editors have wiggle room for deadlines too. When she had her second child, Haelle decided she did not even want any time off. Ultimately, freelancers have the advantage of being able to tailor the length of parental leave and type of childcare to fit their needs. Lewis advises that freelancers who want to take more than a few months off to spend time with their child should do so without worrying about losing relationships with editors. This covers freelancers for up to 10 weeks in a normal pregnancy—four weeks before the expected delivery date and six weeks after the actual delivery.

What To REALLY Expect When You're Expecting

Individuals can file for paid family leave in all of the above states, with the exception of Hawaii. The maximum length varies by state. Recently, the District of Columbia , Washington State , and Massachusetts also added their own universal family leave laws covering freelancers, and these will go into effect in and But many freelancers remain unaware of these resources , or find out about them too late in the game. For example, D. New York-based freelancers who missed the January 1, , deadline to opt-in to their state program must wait two full years after they start contributing to the plan to access the benefits themselves.

Unfortunately, there is no comprehensive resource outlining the regulations in each state. Knvul has lived in the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan, swum in the tropical waters of Singapore, and backpacked across the South Island of New Zealand. Do you have any tips on how to save? Your email address will not be published. Your Name.