Vampires of Orange County Vol. One (Vampires of Orange County (Sunday) Book 1)

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The song grows with strings and harmonies. It starts similar to songs from his first album with a little more production. The verse builds into the last chorus, which features Rex and a beautiful bass line slowly adding horns and a little bit of auto tune towards the end. Lastly, the song closes with the same orchestration as the intro with slightly different lyrics.

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By Saratoga By Night. More of the pre armageddon is happening! Giant fleas! Big rats! Melted pizza men from Birmingham! No more panthers though unfortunately.

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It's Pre-Armageddon Part 2 and the apocalypse is well under way Find us on Facebook and Twitter Email us at: mmpodcastnetwork gmail. Join us as Andrew and Chris talk about the cities of Montreal and Constantinople, and their involvement in Vampire: the Masquerade lore. The coterie navigate the perils of court on Asylum's opening night, and learn more about members of their Primogen council in the process. What's that sound? Why, 'tis the rare E flat diminished ninth chord, signaling that our interview with the delightful Seth Green hath arrived!

We got to talk to Seth about his time on the show playing everyone's favorite part-time werewolf and full-time dreamboat, Oz! We also chatted about the new film he wrote, directed, and stars in, Changela Everyone lost their love of something this episode, Megan finally lost the last bit of love she was harbouring for Jenny, Mabel lost her love for the Bangel ship, and Chris lost his love of Ted This episode's AKA the one where we discuss Angie's love of hiking and donuts. AKA the one where Papa Hollis gets really real. AKA the one where Laura thinks about going home sweet home.

Robert and Jeb confront something from their nightmares.

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Follow Doughboys www. Jupiter is in Retrograde! Werewolf Radar is out here for you. Protecting you from the forces of the unknown.

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This week Jordan, Nate, and Roger talk about A victorian ghost in a super market, the Big Muddy Monster encounter, and a little information about the Chinese vampire known as the Jiangshi. Don't be scared, be prepared. Thanks as always t Ultimately, humans are going to be the most dangerous foe for Buffy and friends.

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In LA, magic, water hogging slugs invade the hotel, but mostly Angel is still the worst. We want justice for Wesley!!

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And for Tara, sh In this episode Kay and Eli try to pull a fast one on Emily and leave her in a lurch, but they are not so lucky. The investigation continues, but not before they stock up on some "essential" supplies. You can follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook fatefulfumble! Visit out website: www. More great books at LoyalBooks.

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Natalie and Katey return. Things are pretty normal. Join us as we kick off season five of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Misrepresentations, misunderstanding, slurs and allegations! After Spike lets loose his feelings for Buffy, he receives an even chillier response from his frenemies. Also, robots need love too? Chelsea and Bob discuss when things really start to hit the fan, as the presence from beneath that is promised to wreak havoc on Sunnydale introduces itself to the Scooby gang. By Bob and Chelsea. The crew of the Kepler is re-sleeved from a backup.

Their station's communication systems being down they now have to piece together what happened to their lost selves. And just what is Hans being so paranoid about? Eclipse Phase is a tabletop roleplaying game of post-apocalyptic tran Every war needs an enemy, every warrior a cause to die for. Will knowing why you fight make you fight harder? Or will it make you question why you fight at all?

Great snakes!

The Buffy Virgin crew talks about giant snakes, and what exactly Riley seems to be up to in that alley. Guten Abend Gollumartige und Brandlochverursacherinnen, hier ist ein neue Folge!

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Freut euch. Welcome to episode 15 of season 6, the season of lies and half truths! Finally, after months of speculation and baseless accusation, a great truth is revealed. Also, Taad is back for a second shot at making a good first impression. Thanks for listening!

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  • Vampires of Orange County Vol. One (Vampires of Orange County (Sunday) Book 1).
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In S02E14 "Innocence" one moment of perfect happiness costs Angel his soul and nothing will ever be the same again. It's a timeless tale of broken hearts, beautiful demons, and borrowed bazookas.

The pain is gone and the Buffy Boys are feeling My all-time favorite teen show? The episodes were unfortunately stripped of their original incredible soundtrack for copyright reasons, but even the generic replacement score still captures a late 90s-early s vibe. High school is a time for trying on new identities, whether they stick or not, and no show has captured that better more consistently than this one.

And two decades later sigh , it holds up beautifully. I love teen shows. Even the teen shows I hate are teen shows I like. I wish I had gotten more seasons. I wish that in this revival, Rayanne would be revealed to have become actual royalty, like the actress who played her did. It still probably ranks in my top three.