Triathlon: Strategies For Success

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Thanks for your help. The race itself is hard… Three distinct consecutive races wrapped up in one competition. Those are just the challenges you need to overcome during a race.

Pacing and strategy

There are a number of different strategies triathletes utilize to sustain motivation: Goal Charts Self-Rewards Read motivational or inspiring stories about athletes Quote books Visualizing Success Training Partners Goal Buddies The important thing is that you find your motivation and find methods of motivation that are effective for YOU. If the journey is long and rough, you will need to fill the tank more often. Without motivation, you will putter around and eventually stall.

So, what inspires you? Why do you compete in triathlons?

Will you be ready to race?

Motivation Tip When Things Get Hard: Make sure you have a clearly stated goal for this triathlon season and write that goal down somewhere so you can read it when needed. For daily motivation, summarize that goal with key words.

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This workbook program is ideal for triathletes, coaches, parents and mental coaches: Triathletes : Learn how to take control of your confidence, mentally prepare for races, and perform with composure under pressure. It keeps you focused and taking constructive action day by day. As you know, a Triathlon takes a ton of training in order to be successful.

How To Train For Your First Triathlon - An Introduction To Triathlon Training

Success in the triathlon requires more than physical training. Triathlon success depends on your mental strength: How do you stay motivated during long hours of monotonous training?

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How do you deal with the discomfort of training or nagging injuries? How can you maintain your focus for long periods of time when competing?

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  • Pacing and strategy.
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How are you able to handle down time and relax when not training? How are you able to manage your fears and expectations prior to competing? How quickly can you rebound after a bad event in competition? Authors Meet Our Team. Charities Our Partner Charities.

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6-Step Formula for Triathlon Success | ACTIVE

Tips and tactics for triathletes to ensure that your get the max from your event. Close Contact us. Want to contact us? Simply fill in the form below to submit your query. We regret that for legal reasons we are unable to give any specific injury or training advice via email.

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