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Applications for these positions are available at the new Alligator office, located at SW 13th Street, each weekday between 10 a. Further written information is available at the time an application is picked up. No phone calls, please.

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Allow up to 15 minutes at that time to read information regarding the application process. Part of the application consists of short essays in response to specific questions. Applications must be returned to The Alligator by Friday, February 15 at 4 p. Interviews and selections by the Board of Directors will be held at the new Alligator offices in a meeting open to the public on Friday, February 22 at 11 a. Applicants must meet the above qualifications. Campus Communications, Inc.

More training. More opportunities. More success. More value for our customers. More stores opening every year.

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And more opportunity for our people. People like you. More than a coach. We also believe in rewarding our employees with more. We also provide our District Managers with a fully expensed AUDI A3 and three weeks of vacation time during their first full year of employment. Gonzalez and Zhou set up the equipment on the day of the podcast with the help of friends and video tutorials.

The students will try to release episodes for the new podcast series monthly and will attempt to have guests from the Gainesville commu-.

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  • He evacuated during Hurricane Irma in A couple of months later, he moved to Gainesville. Although it puts a strain on the students, they should still be able to succeed, Portmess wrote in an email. Audrey Wikan wants to be part of an organization that makes her feel at home. That is why Wikan, a UF business administration and political science freshman, said she wanted to interview for a Senate position with the Impact Party this semester — where she said she found a new home.

    The parties will continue interviewing from 9 a. Tuesday to decide who they want to run with them for Senate seats, said supervisor of elections Henry Fair, a year-old UF political science junior. Forty-four students filled out qualifying forms Sunday, with 25 interviewing with Impact Party, 18 with Inspire Party and one student filing independently, Fair said.

    While there are seven parties registered for the spring election, only Impact and Inspire participated Sunday,. Fair said.

    Last semester, 33 students interviewed on the first day, 19 with Inspire Party and 14 with Impact Party. Last Spring, 41 students attended the opening interviews, one with Challenge Party, eight with Impact and 32 with Inspire. Any student registered for classes at UF in good standing with the university can run, Fair said. But when the telecommunication junior moved north to Gainesville for school at UF, those Latin rhythms were absent from the spurts of local country and hip-hop stations.

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    On Jan. The show airs at p. Hispanic students are the largest minority on campus, she said. Fifteen percent of the student. GHQ selected her idea in addition to a hip-hop show, an electronic dance music show and a show featuring songs from multiple genres. Alves is a Venezuelan immigrant who moved to the United States when she was 10 years old. Now, she listens to urban Latin music, reggaeton, salsa and traditional Latin music. The State of the City Address will be held at p. The event is free and open to the public.

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