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This stress started to show in the limited innovation and direction she was giving to the wooden toy business. Susan had expanded her product offering, increased her staff numbers, and grown her revenue, yet, despite it all, she now felt that she was at the helm of a less effective business. Her accountant agreed. She had thought that more good ideas meant better business. When we started Instagram we went from solving three or four things to solving one really well and we saw it pay off in spades.

Digital Strategy and the Joy of the Quick Win -

And, if they do, they double down on making that core business exceptional. Think about Instagram adding video.

Want a hand evaluating your next business opportunity? These minute chats are obligation-free and suitable for every stage of business. Choose from one or several of our departments or just talk general business strategy hold Command or Control to select more than one.

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Business Strategy: The Joy of Missing Out

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TGC 2019 - The Joy of Planting Ep. 2 - Routing

Annalese Sharrock Strategic Director Annalese strategycollective. Business Strategy: The Joy of Missing Out One of the great challenges for the business owner is having too many good ideas that just end up diluting their core business. But two things happened … First, the new plastic toys sucked up exorbitant lumps of time from her product development team as they perfected prototypes.

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Happy missing out everyone. A must-have guide for every Product, Marketing and Sales manager. The difference between getting the price right is an activity that may only take minutes, hours, days or several weeks by taking an outside-in approach to pricing by talking with your customers to understand how they trade price for your value. The resources, fees, tools and time commitment of obtaining the right price is usually a tiny fraction of the unrealized revenue. Author Michael Hurwich has brought together thought leaders in the pricing and business community to provide a collection of case studies, anecdotes, articles and perspectives on pricing theory and strategy.

Ep4: Michael Hurwich – The Joy of Pricing

About the author: One of the most sought after pricing consultants in North America, Michael has consulted to major Fortune firms and developed corporate pricing and business unit strategies in a range of industries including telecom, finance, retail, pharma and manufacturing. He has held key positions with several global consulting firms including Deloitte Consulting and also served as President of a leading manufacturer of consumer products.

Currently Michael serves as President and Managing Partner of Strategic Pricing Management Group, a pricing strategy consulting firm with offices around the world.