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Dress a double batch of this light but satisfying dinner with the sesame dressing.

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The flavors get even better overnight in the fridge, and leftovers make a gourmet on-the-go lunch. To preserve the textures of meat and vegetables in soup, it's important to cool hot soups completely before freezing.

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Refrigerate uncovered, stirring occasionally, until cool. Reinvent the Caesar by roasting the lettuce to caramelize it, and jazz up store-bought dressing to make it taste like homemade. This colorful chicken and vegetable stir fry is a delight for the eyes as well as the taste buds with its colorful array of yellow squash, red bell pepper, broccolini, and green onions.

A mix of sweet and heat on these chicken cutlets is sure to get your family's taste buds ready for dinner. Add a side of steamed vegetables for a complete meal. Get the crunch you crave by dredging your chicken in a savory peanut coating. Bring fresh flavor to the table by serving with Squash Ribbon Salad. If you're craving a cheesy casserole but don't have the time to assemble and bake one, make a quick cooktop casserole with all your favorite casserole ingredients.

From the kitchen of Leah Stacey, Montgomery, Alabama: "I borrowed the recipe name from a former First Lady of Alabama who claimed her fried chicken had such powers. Crisp lettuce cups offer a light, refreshing spin to this Greek salad-inspired taco, but feel free to use warm flour tortillas or pitas instead. Main-dish salads are a refreshing change for your easy weeknight meals. Try this salad full of tomatoes, cucumbers, and basil, and serve it with seasoned ciabatta bread.

White Lightning Chicken Chili gets its name because it only takes 30 minutes from start to finish to get this one-dish meal to the table. Don't drain the chopped green chiles or navy beans. Serve chili with cornbread. For extra fiber and a boost of antioxidants, serve over dark greens. Drizzle salad with Orange-Raspberry Vinaigrette. Soak chicken twice in the egg-milk mixture and double-dredge in the highly seasoned flour for a superior crust. When serving, brighten up fried wings with lemon slices and parsley leaves.

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Chicken, rice, and greens fill one soulful pot in our family-friendly take on a Lowcountry staple. Quick-cooking basmati rice helps turn this recipe into dinner in no time and stays fluffy throughout the entire cooking process. Layers of corn tortillas give this ultra-creamy casserole some texture.

Structured like a lasagna but flavored like the classic Tex-Mex enchilada dish, this chicken casserole is bursting with smoky, spicy flavor and sure to impress. We seasoned it with poblano peppers, green chiles, taco mix, and two creamy cheeses so that your Mexican-food cravings are satisfied without leaving the house. We also love it because of its versatility - try it with smoky shredded BBQ brisket or pulled pork in place of the chicken, or small cooked, peeled shrimp.

Set out the finished dish with sour cream and fresh chopped cilantro for toppings. Skinless, boneless chicken breasts rule the roost in this fast weeknight meal, topped with savory Parmesan cheese slivers. For a fast flourish, char one side of the tortillas directly over gas flames for a few seconds using tongs. These enchiladas are served with our super quick and easy and oh-so-delicious Tomatillo Salsa. If you aren't a fan of tomatillos or can't find them in your grocery store, swap in your favorite tomato variety or whip up one of our other salsa recipes to use as a topper.

Get all the satisfaction of a hearty casserole with none of the messy cleanup. Preparing it in a slow cooker will ensure an even more tender bite. Starting the chicken on the stovetop and finishing in the oven helps prevent dry, overcooked chicken. The flavorful juices make a fresh and clean sauce—much lighter than a flour-thickened gravy.

Serve with steamed rice, couscous, or quinoa for a simple summer meal. Store-bought rotisserie chicken shortcuts the cook time, while white ale adds spice, body, and flavor. Watch: Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Pasta. Recipe: Baked Chicken Roulade. Recipe: Peanut Chicken Stew. A lot of times, when people say a soup is thick enough to be a meal, they're playing you. But this soup sustains. This recipe takes its cues from West Africa, particularly Senegal and The Gambia, known for peanut, or groundnut, stews.

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This fast became a Test Kitchen favorite and our new go-to chicken and dumplings because it's the easiest gnocchi we've ever made. Simply use a zip-top bag to pipe the pillowy mounds straight into the simmering water. Toggle navigation Escapar.

How to make: Southern Squash Casserole Recipe

Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Book Recipe A-O Index? Profile Menu Or, email me directly to address in "Contact" section at top. Recipe: Chicken and Fontina Panini. Crusty on the outside, gooey on the inside, this sandwich requires little effort and makes a satisfying lunch or light dinner.

You can make hot sandwiches with two heavy cast-iron skillets—no panini press required. While you're cooking a sandwich in one skillet, heat the second one on a separate burner. Once hot, place the second skillet on top of the sandwich for 1 to 2 minutes. Repeat on the flip side, cooking for 1 to 2 minutes more. Recipe: Chicken Stir-Fry.

Creamy Yellow Squash Casserole

Fresh veggies add prep time but allow you to customize this stir-fry with summer favorites. Add any veggie you like for a meal that is sure to please the whole family. The best part? This one-dish wonder will be ready in just 10 minutes. Make the dressing and prep the veggies the day before, and dinner will be on the table in minutes. Recipe: Southwest Chicken Tortillas. Serve these Southwest Chicken Tortillas with sliced avocados and extra salsa on the side. We used corn tortillas, but feel free to use flour if you prefer.

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Feel free to add any toppings you like. You really can't go wrong with this family-favorite. This vibrant salad is quick to toss together and travels well, which makes it ideal for summer picnics and potlucks. Don't worry, the salad won't wilt when dressed, so make it ahead of time and store it for several hours in the refrigerator. This fresh and light dish will be your go-to supper this season. The chicken cutlets get a big boost of flavor from a marinade of pineapple juice, ground ancho chile, cumin, vinegar, and oil.

Be sure to allow enough time for the chicken to chill in the marinade for 30 minutes before grilling. We also love to drizzle Tangy Strawberry Barbecue Sauce over the chicken. Recipe: Chicken Salad in Lettuce Cups. Leftover chicken gets a fresh makeover with crisp lettuce leaves, toasted walnuts, and dried cherries. Freeze any extra meat in portion sizes, and use in future recipes. We love the convenience of whipping up a batch of this easy-to-make chicken salad to have on-hand throughout the week.

Serve in lettuce cups, like we did here, or with crackers and fruit. Recipe: Perfect Chicken Kabobs. Mixing vegetables and meat on the same skewer is a no-go; you'll end up overcooking something. Instead, grill vegetable-only skewers to go with the meat-only kabobs. Choose thighs, a great cut of chicken for marinating because when they are deboned, the butcher leaves lots of nooks and crannies that trap the marinade. Finally, use a wide, flat skewer to keep the food from twirling around, making cooking and eating easier.

Recipe: Chicken with Cashews. Our Test Kitchen staffers declared that this Chinese-inspired recipe from beats any take-out meal. Gochujang is a Korean condiment with tons of bright, peppery flavor. It's made with chile peppers but is sweet enough for kids.