Sorority Surprise: Role Reversal (College Femdom Pegging Erotica)

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Labels: blogger , blonde , fan art , Fictionmania , illustration , Like Father Like Son , oral sex , panties , penis , sissy , stockings , Willow Cage. It is an origin story to Gable female vigilante who feminizes her male enemies who prey on women and sexual minorities. This is the second book to feature artwork from Annabelle B me.

In Birth of Predator, Sheila Wentworth recalls her time when she was college student who discovers her roommate is a victim of revenge porn. Sheila adopts the identity of the Jaguar to help her friend before her reputation is ruined forever! Labels: amazon kindle , bondage , female domination , feminization , Forced Feminization , gagged , Kyle Gable , pulp novels , The Jaguar , underwear. What do you think? Who do you want to see next?

Friday, August 11, Perils of Paul Book 4 art preview. Labels: Andy Latex , art , blogger , crossdress , erotica , Erotica Author's Corner , female domination , femboy , forced dressing , Forced Feminization , illustration , UK. New cover for Book 3 in the Paul series Valerie and I are putting the finishing touches to the follow up to Perils of Paul: Initiation.

This time Paul finds himself getting a makeover by some girls on a trip to the beach. Below is a sample of the book:. Tuesday, July 25, Andy Latex Interview announcement. Sunday, June 25, Message from Rikki. Hello Everyone, I was recently contacted by Rikki about launching a new blog. She plans on hosting an IM or chat session to answer any questions you may have. I don't have a date or time, but its in the works. Please stay tuned and thank you for your patience and loyalty. Bless you all and kisses, Annabelle B and Rikki. Miss Saskia Blog! Its is a blog dedicated to TV fantasies visuals.

I recently looked through it and found some good stuff! Take a look and see for yourself! Link: Saskia TV Bloggywog. Labels: blogger , erotic , fantasy , Saskia , transgender , transvestite , tv. I will be adding an illustration I have been wanting to get illustrate. I hope you guys will like it. I'll keep you posted. As far as MMH? I'm thinking of a character profile Love, Annabelle B.

Labels: amazon kindle , Bending The Bookshelf , bondage , college girls , female domination , illustration , non-forced feminization , Perils of Paul , Review , role reversal , Sally Bend , Valerie Whip. Monday, June 19, Future blog post. I have getting questions about future illustrations for the blog. The answer is, yes there will be more made and added in time.

I'm slowly getting back into updating the blog and will pick up where I last left off. Comments from you fine folks helps in keeping this site alive. I thank you all that leave a comment or question or two for me.

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It shows people enjoy this kinky stuff. Bless you all, Annabelle B. What on earth was she thinking about. I pressed as hard as I could. Concentrating as hard as I could. Suddenly she took her hand away and as I fell forwards she passed her other hand in front of my eyes?

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What was happening? I was standing in the middle of the room. I could see the girls standing round me. Their mouths agape. I tried to move but I couldn't. It was as if I had forgotten how to. If only I could remember I would be able to, but I couldn't. Labels: CFNM , erotic , female domination , joe , power change , story. Labels: 7 Days , boy to girl , crossdress , erotica , fantasy , femboy , forced bi , Forced Feminization , forced womanhood , illustrated , lingerie , marriage , Miss Annie , role reversal , sex , Sissy Girl , underwear , wedding.

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Saturday, May 6, Perils of Paul 2 now available! Labels: amazon kindle , bondage , college , ebook , erotica , illustrated , Perils of Paul , sexy , story , Valerie Whip. Wednesday, April 26, Perils of Paul: Initiation coming! I will be having a new book out hopefully this weekend with Valerie. Its the second book in the Perils of Paul series. Paul is in college and is invited to escort a female friend to her sorority ceremony what follows is a steamy femdom experience that will leave you reaching for your lubricant or favorite vibrator.

Lacy let out a shriek in obvious pain. What's the matter? I protested, "Enough! What the fuck is going on? Steve or Matt again chimed in to complain, but their voices were cut off in mid sentence. Lacy screamed again, and then I heard her muffled whimpering. I was led to a small platform that I tripped over while being led up onto it. I felt my ankles being secured to the floor and then my wrists were fastened to something and the hands let go of me. I tried to get off the platform but my feet could not move.

Suddenly my hands were being raised in opposite directions above my head. Then a thick cloth was placed at my lips and pulled tightly behind my head. Lacy cried out again, and as I opened my mouth to speak the gag was tied firmly in place. I felt the slight breeze of people passing very close to me and heard their feet shuffle past. I heard an admiring hum like something tasted good, as one person passed. A drum sounded once, and all movement stopped. A very low chanting started.

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I couldn't make it out. It was a foreign language. The volume increased, and then suddenly stopped. A voice some distance from me made an announcement also in the foreign tongue. I heard the rush of people coming to a standing position. It sounded like fifty or sixty people. Labels: amazon kindle , blackmail , bondage , college , ebook , erotica , femdom , forced bi , illustration , masturbation , Perils of Paul , smut , sorority , Valerie Whip.

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Happy Easter Everyone! I'm sorry to say I have no Easter themed illustrations for you due to the workload and multiple project I have going on. However I wanted to re-share a link to a video I saw a while that you all might enjoy. It's of a young Japanese male dressed in bunny girl outfit pleasuring himself with some help from an intimate object Anyway it's cute and simple.

No forced feminization in the video, but who knows maybe he is being blackmailed by girls behind the camera like in Kylie Gable's stories! The video is originally from Crossdresser Hub. Screenshot from video. Labels: blogger , boy , bunny , butt plugs , crossdresser , crossdresser hub , cute , Easter , femboy , guy , Japanese , ladyboy , masturbation , pink. Illustration for Marriage of Marin Hastings Saga. The Baron having sex with Martin on their third night together.

Monday, April 3, Blog updates for April. Hello Everyone, I'm sorry for my absence, but I have been hit hard by life with my day job now asking more of me.

My grandmother was hospitalized nearly three weeks ago. Here is rundown for the blog: I have new Martin illustration on the way, very soon. Look for it here.

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