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Sold Out. Naima's Dream Wavelength Darkness Surrender Essence Moonlight Motel Shell Beach Paradise Isela Seacliff You can tell from how warm the guitars sound — we go from emotional equilibrium to longing to happiness to loss. You can hear the sun in the keyboards, in the 80s-inflected jazz. The singing is new, too. What it adds up to is a bigger, bolder sound than their previous work; the brothers say they went into it trying out a conceptually new, cohesive sound — a new sonic palette to create from. Even so, the lyrics are meant to be abstract, to conjure a mood.

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There are deep themes here, even if the subjects are treated lightly. The range of human experience is vast, and the Mattsons have managed to capture a piece of it in stunning detail. Being alive demands every kind of adjective: difficult, boring, fun, sustaining, affirming, renewing, reviving, strenuous, punishing, arbitrary, unfeeling, inconvenient, and everything in between.

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Tags jazz jazz jazz rock psychadelic psyjazz Los Angeles. Turf Club. The Back Room at Colectivo. The Hi-Fi. Old Rock House. The Basement East. The Casbah.

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They wanted to be a part of its comeback. The Sinclaires began the rebuilding process in earnest. Plans for their three-bedroom house were modest, but they made sure to add features that would make the space more enjoyable, like walk-in closets, a dishwasher and a kitchen island. They knew they had to build to wildland-urban interface standards, so their wood-frame home has sprinklers, double-pane windows and fire-resistant siding. When asked whether they considered going beyond those requirements, Victoria Sinclaire explained that she thinks about the safety of her family constantly.

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After what she experienced, escaping by the skin of her teeth through a tunnel of flames, it would be hard not to. But the Sinclaires had already paid several thousands of dollars out of pocket because of an insurance shortfall. Meeting the standards felt like all they could afford. But a wooden fence is attached to their new home. They had it installed quickly so their dogs, who had been cooped up in an apartment in Chico for months, could run around in the yard. Though town officials are planning with an eye toward long-term recovery, they are in many ways still in survival mode.

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Now that the rubble has been cleared, they must remove half a million dead and dying trees that pose an immediate fire risk. The FEMA grants would also be used to design and roll out a new early warning system — a version of which failed during the Camp fire — and to create a program that would help residents harden their homes against fire. The money would also be spent on hire building inspectors, who are needed to enforce the defensible space code. Right now the town has a single full-time employee doing this work.

One of the more daunting tasks the town faces is making its system of streets — half of which are private roads that dead-end haphazardly — more evacuation-friendly. During the Camp fire, many motorists were trapped on these dead ends as traffic on connecting streets backed up. The town is identifying which of these roads might be connected to improve circulation, said Susan Hartman, the community development director for Paradise.

Ideally, the town would buy the private land needed to link some of those streets.

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Before that project can be tackled, officials said, they need to fix roads and culverts that were damaged in the fire and subsequent cleanup. And the town, which relies on 11, individual septic tanks, has named building a central sewer system as a top priority. Pam Gray, 57, grew up in Paradise, and she recalls residents paving some of those private roads. Some of these people have been on their properties for four or five generations, she said. But it remains to be seen who will come back. Broshears, the former fire chief, has long advocated for better road connectivity.

The town developed a plan to improve the street system 20 years ago, he noted, but it went nowhere. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms.