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Keyword is Compassion by H. Dalai Lama How do we develop concern for others and for ourselves? Analyse and make comparisons, and then develop a conviction for change.


You could start by analysing the value of negative feelings or ill-feeling towards others. Then you can consider what that means to you and how you feel about yourself. T hen probe the value of the mental attitude and value of the mind that shows concern and compassion for others.

Experiences of Spirituality and Spiritual Values in the Context of Nursing – An Integrative Review

Analyse and make comparisons between these two mental attitudes. Without this common understanding, ambiguity and confusion occur which not only impedes the development of theoretical constructs, but essentially disallows progression in the implementation of nursing care. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to provide an analysis of the concept of inner strength, clarify its meaning, and provide a description of this phenomenon which is identifiable in individuals.


Following the guidelines of concept analysis outlined by Walker and Avant , the implicit and explicit uses of the concept, related concepts, defining attributes, case presentations, antecedents, and consequences and empirical referents are presented. Because the phrase "inner strength" does not appear as a composite entity in any dictionary, the words inner and strength are analyzed initially on the basis of their individual meanings.

Webster's New World Dictionary provides an additional definition of: "more intimate, central or secret; inner emotions" p. Roget's Thesaurus lists the synonyms as inner sense, innermost being, mental and spiritual makeup, essential part, spirit, and heart of hearts.

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