Handbook of Cancer Survivorship

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Breast cancer patients coming to the Johns Hopkins Breast Center for treatment receive a free copy of this book as part of the educational materials given out at the initial consultation. Lillie Shockney, R.

Handbook of Cancer Survivorship Care

You will laugh, and cry, and come away inspired after reading this book. Her message is powerful. Experience it for yourself. By Lillie Shockney, R. Becoming a Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator is an innovative new resource that guides nurses through the process of becoming a nurse navigator at breast cancer centers. Written by a nationally renowned expert nurse navigator, this essential resource provides direction on improving efficiency and effectiveness in delivery of care. Important features of the book include an overview of the history of navigation, case studies to reinforce concepts and information on becoming a certified nurse navigator.

It also contains tools to help measure individual performance and demonstrate value to cancer center leaders. Becoming a Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator is a must-have resource for oncology nurses and administrators interested in patient advocacy and improved outcomes. Describing research about hope and sharing poignant patient case studies, the author has written a seminal book that should be required reading for all oncologists. Providing both doctor and patient perspectives, this updated and revised edition offers authoritative answers to the most commonly asked questions about advanced and metastatic breast cancer including diagnosis, treatment, post-treatment quality of life, alternative medicine, targeted therapy, and coping strategies.

Written by experts from Johns Hopkins University and Medical Center, this new edition is an invaluable resource for anyone coping with the physical and emotional turmoil of this disease.

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Written by nationally-renowned nursing expert, Lillie Shockney, Breast Cancer Survivorship Care: A Resource for Nurses is an essential guide for nurses providing care to breast cancer survivors and those interested in joining the burgeoning field of cancer survivorship care. Concise, informative, insightful, this one-of-a-kind text gives nurses the information they need to provide optimal care to breast cancer patients and survivors. Topics include understanding the psychological needs of patients, empowering them to conqueror fears and pursue healthy lifestyles that can help reduce risk of cancer recurrence, information on potential drug interactions for patients undergoing long-term hormonal therapy, and techniques for recognizing and dealing with cancer symptoms.

Featuring up-to-date clinical information and answers to frequently asked questions, Breast Cancer Survivorship Care: A Resource for Nurses has the tools oncology nurses need to become effective cancer survivor caregivers! As the number of patients diagnosed with and surviving breast cancer increases, health care professionals must focus more on the newly diagnosed and have less time to devote to patients who have completed their treatment.

Cancer care specialists, primary care practitioners, gynecologists, and internal medicine physicians all need to be aware of long term side effects of cancer and treatment side-effects They need to know how to monitor for recurrence, watch for other types of related cancers, and help instill confidence in their patient, who now is a breast cancer survivor. This handbook covers all dimensions of breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for the non-specialist and places a special emphasis on the long term survivor.

Feuerstein, M. — Nekhlyudov, L.

A straightforward guide to quality long-term care of the breast cancer patient, perfect for any health care professional! Shapiro, M. This essential guide takes you through the journey of breast cancer treatment, exploring all of the options available to women today and gives women the tools they need to actively participate in the decisions surrounding their care. At PearlPoint, through the Caregiver Handbook, we hope to make that job a little easier.

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