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This showing is open to presenters by Invitation only. The work will be performed to live music. Jones is in pursuit of the tantalizing promise of comparisons in lives experienced privately in time and place but are shared across generations and bodies publicly. Utilizing the writing style of W. James Baldwin, one of the most eminent and evocative American essayists, novelists and playwrights of the twentieth century, would have been ninety years old on August 2, As with our survey of The Worlds of Oliver Sacks , this edition of the humanities festival will feature lectures, panels, performances and a full range of artistic responses.

For more information visit newyorklivearts.

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Astrid Kuljanic, Croatian singer and composer will present a special program of music which can be found on her new CD Manhattan Dream. She has been collaborating with some of the most inventive musicians of Croatia and Slovenia like Kruno Levacic and Matija Dedic and performed with extraordinary musicians like Charles Gayle and Roby Lakatos.

She will share the stage with fellow artists, Andrew Shillito guitar and Peter Bull double bass. The evening's music will be a combination of original music as well as some creative new arrangements of familiar jazz standards. This evening of individual and paired works will unfold as a dialogue through myriad possible intricate and detailed existences. Two independent mindbodies with different backgrounds, behaviors, languages and cultures are sutured together, provoking a third presence unique to each performance.

Jasperse seeks both to embrace and to resist the habits of his own history, to create a cross pollination or catalytic mating of sensibilities, where the work emerges out of the space between what seems to be distinct terrains.

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This evening-length work unfolds in a series of viscerally provocative, mixed-genre duets for dancers, designers and voice artists, including a duet for light and body featuring Bartosik and her longtime collaborator Roderick Murray, who joins her onstage. Energizer , a quartet featuring music by Mark Freedman and originally commissioned by Dance Theater Workshop in , returns to the public eye in its entirety for the first time since The choreography of Desert Sea uses the meander of Navajo blanket weaving as an influence — the up, across, down, across, always at right angles- to give an impression of movement and the travel of people.

A Living Documentary is a comedic, no-nonsense reflection on the trials and tribulations of earning a living as a professional theater artist in the 21st century. This fall our actors explored the fundamentals of improvisation and acting and over the course of the semester, we devised scenes around a painting, sculpture or photograph. We took inspiration from existing material and then let our imaginations soar! Through this process, we focused on building characters, environments and dialogue while supporting each scene as an ensemble. Each actor has a chance to take on the role of actor, write and director throughout the devising process, creating a show that is completely their own.

The monumental mural occupies a prominent wall in the New York Live Arts lobby, and is also visible from the street.

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  5. Noctua, Corvus, Hydra, Filis is a collage made from ink on Nepal paper with mica and methylcellulose glue. The mural features Hydra, the water snake the largest constellation in the sky , with Corvus, the crow, Noctua, the owl, and Filis, the cat. The work brings whimsical visualizations to constellations that brighten the dark night sky. Reservations can be made online.

    Fine Art Gallery Calendar 2014 Laurel Marie Sobol

    He wrote one published book of short stories that was published posthumously after he shot himself at the age of Critical praise for his work has been nearly universal. Critically acclaimed saxophonist, multi-woodwind player, and composer, Aaron Irwin has emerged as a new and unique voice of his generation. His debut album Into the Light was hailed by the New Yorker magazine as being one of the ten best jazz recordings of alongside such artists such as Ornette Coleman, Joe Lovano, and Paul Motian.

    He can be heard on concert stages, jazz clubs, dive bars, and Broadway pit orchestras. McCann is one of the first-call sidemen in New York. He has performed throughout the US, Canada and Europe from clubs to jazz festivals, musicals, award shows, and even an opera. His compositions have been heard around the world, ranging from solo instrumental works in Lincoln Center to a full-scale hip-hopera at the Lucerne Festival. As part of The Oracle Hysterical, he and his collaborators have presented hip-hoperas, art-rock song cycles, rap cantatas, and other genre-bending works all over America and Europe.

    New York City-based bassoonist and composer Brad Balliett is gaining a reputation for unusual and thought-provoking programming, performance and composition. Brad is also active as a composer, and makes hip-hop albums with his band The Oracle Hysterical. ACB Dance Company is an emerging dance company. Performed by ten dancers from the ACB Dance Company and guest artists, each piece is varied from the next and is compelling on its own. I always believed the lure of flying is the lure of beauty, but I was sure of it that night. And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

    From the Latin tintinnabulum, a bell, Tintinnabuli is a compositional style created by the Estonian composer Arvo Part. The Studio Series offers an opportunity for research and development in a creative residency format, providing resources of time, space and a commission.

    Studio Series artists are curated internally by the Artistic Director in conjunction with Programming staff. In-Process Talks moderated by luciana achugar. These new solo works by young poets navigate a path through hurt and hope on a journey towards self.

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    Equipped with pen as compass and journal as road map, they discover that life is full of moments that will carry you as far and deep as you are willing to go. A comedic, no-nonsense reflection on the trials and tribulations of earning a living as a professional theater artist in the 21 st century, A Living Documentary intertwines elements of musical comedy, autobiography, documentary and fiction.

    Interspersing live interviews with portrayals of semi-fictional comedic characters, the work poses myriad questions about the realities of professional artistic life in New York City. The Barnard Project, now in its ninth season, continues to work with New York Live Arts to connect students to the world of professional dance by commissioning premieres from cutting-edge choreographers.

    The Children's Musical Theater Festival is day performance based theater program. Students cast in the Festival will have the opportunity to originate roles in new musical works by up-and-coming theater writers. Buy tickets for We Are Monsters here. All performances of the program in New York and on tour will be accompanied by live music. Ravel: Landscape or Portrait? We listen to one another and then each of us makes bold suggestions. Additional commissioning support provided by: The Richard B. Still some of the most significant examples of the postmodern aesthetic, these pieces redefined the duet form and changed the face of American dance.

    Let go, fall in, tear away. The moonlight mouth speaks the babble of that calling. Float down to the bottom. Nothing else points here. A fire burns. Do you like what you see? Immersed in this environment, each dancer struggles differently within the rigidity of the form, to claim gestures and unlock expression. View the Archival Tumblr. The dances can be hilarious, dramatic, lyrical, or abstract, but always surprising. This showcase is a not to be missed opportunity to inspire children by exposing them to live performances created and performed by their peers.

    A multi-day event at New York Live Arts connecting dance and body-based artists, curators and presenters, Live Artery fuels a vibrant international network in support of compelling artists and ideas. Sparking both debate and praise across Europe, the work was a sensation at Documenta Mordoj reconnects with her origins and addresses new modes of expression. Each program also includes talks with international artists and thinkers dealing with gender identity and the representation of women, including Bruno Perreau, Elizabeth Povinelli and Beatriz Preciado Oct 11 , Avital Ronell, A. Distinguished by an intense physicality and a relentless power that pushes performers to extremes and demands attention from the audience, Zaides explores a somatic response to his personal experience of immigration, homelessness and in-betweenness.

    The performance will be preceded by a series of short talks on body and music featuring writer and filmmaker Elena Mannes and music philosopher Peter Szendy.


    Jones in conversation with Molissa Fenley. Using the same working method that led to the success of Madame Plaza presented at New York Live Arts in September as part of Voices of Strength , Ouizguen returned to Morocco, her homeland, gaining additional inspiration from the cultural terrain that has enriched the movement, ritual, singing and language in this new work. Sep 28 immediately following the performance - Stay Late Discussion: Ha! A tutelary figure for the work, Baron Samedi invokes ghosts, extracts the perfect dancing body and is a symbol of visibility in life and invisibility in death.

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    This performance is a culmination of exercises, games, writings and scenes all worked on during our week class this semester based on the theme "Around the World. Through classes and workshops we facilitate a safe and judgement-free environment, encouraging participants to collaborate together as an ensemble as well as discover their individual vocies. The group promotes building self-esteem among participants and teaching artists alike.