Fast Facts for Dementia Care: What Nurses Need to Know in a Nutshell (Fast Facts (Springer))

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The book presents specific care strategies for all stages of dementia and emphasizes relatively simple interventions that nurses can incorporate into their care plans to prevent problems or address them before they escalate. The guide distinguishes between dementia and conditions that mimic dementia, discusses issues related to specific care settings, presents person-centered strategies for families and care partners, and covers the assessment and management of pain, safety concerns, communication strategies, and ethical and legal issues.

It additionally provides numerous resources that nurses can offer to caregivers.

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Fast Facts for Dementia Care will serve as a daily companion for all clinical nurses who work with older patients in any setting, including the emergency room, medical-surgical unit, medical office, and community mental health settings. Carol A. Michele Angell Landrum. Janet Hickman. Connie Vance. Paula Dimeo Grant. Patricia S. Sheila Richmeier. Susan Stabler-Haas. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Categories: Paediatric Nursing. Free delivery worldwide.

Expected to be delivered to Germany by Christmas. Description This new addition to the Fast Facts series delivers the core information for orienting novice nurses or nursing students to the challenging field of pediatric nursing. Pocket-sized and formatted for quick access to the knowledge a pediatric nurse needs daily, it is packed with concise information on both disease processes and well child care, and offers the clinical advice that comes from years of experience.

A particularly helpful feature is the book's cross-referenced index of frequently used terminology that helps users rapidly access crucial information. Importantly, the guide offers valuable suggestions for how to best communicate and work with children using age-appropriate techniques. Seasoned pediatric nurses describe how to assist compassionately and efficiently with painful procedures that can be emotionally taxing for all involved.

They share proven and time-tested tips for easing trauma for both child and parent. Each chapter features an introduction and key chapter objectives, followed by short paragraphs and bulleted information organized according to body systems. It focuses on the most commonly seen illnesses within each system and includes, for each diagnosis, an easy-to-understand description, disease manifestations, diagnostic criteria, and interventions. Key Features: Provides current, evidence based information for new pediatric nurses in a concise, easy-to-access bulleted format Packed with information about commonly seen disease processes and well child care along with sound clinical advice Includes age-appropriate techniques for working specifically with children Presents a cross-referenced index of frequently used terminology for quick information retrieval Highlights important information in call-out boxes that also include clinical pearls show more.

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    No one expects the nurse to know everything, as nurses are human. Rely on a preceptor or mentor that you trust, and always, always ask questions. Before long, you, the novice nurse, will become a mentor to another pediatric-minded nurse! We would like to thank God for providing us with the opportunity and resources to nurse and teach. A special thank you to our editor, Elizabeth Nieginski, and the staff at Springer Publishing Company.

    Fast Facts for Dementia Care: What Nurses Need to Know in a Nutshell (Fast Facts (Springer))

    We would like to acknowledge the work of Dr. Diana L. What a great screening tool. Even if you love children, working with the pediatric population can be tough. First and foremost, the nurse must remember that the child is an essential member of the family and nursing care will be most effective when the entire family is included in the plan of care. Next, the nurse must realize that children are not small adults but special individuals with unique needs.

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    Some differences when working with children and their families include:. For all of these reasons, it is important for the pediatric nurse to possess knowledge of normal growth and development as well as a good understanding of the disease disorders common to children. The nurse needs to be organized, calm, and fast. Pediatric nursing is a specialized branch of nursing that is filled with challenges, surprises, and rewards.

    If the parent interacts positively with the nurse, the infant will be more accepting. Playing with a familiar item may decrease stress and provide an opening to establish communication. If the infant shows signs of denial, that is a late sign of perceived abandonment. While a lusty cry is normal, a high-pitched cry can indicate a neurological problem or pain. Praise cooperation. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Home Books Science. Save For Later.

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