Eclipse: Building Commercial-Quality Plug-ins

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The book has been fully revised to reflect the powerful new capabilities of Eclipse 3.

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All code examples, relevant API listings, diagrams, and screen captures have been thoroughly updated to reflect both the Eclipse 3. In addition, Clayberg and Rubel have completely revamped their popular Favorites View case study, reworking much of its content and recreating its code from scratch.

If You're a Student

The authors carefully cover new functionality added to existing Eclipse features, such as views and editors, and fully explain brand-new features such as Commands, GEF, and PDE Build. I fully enjoyed the second edition and am looking forward to the additions in this new third edition.

I think in that respect it succeeds handily. If you've been living in a hole: Eclipse is a phenomenally successful, infinitely extensible open-source Java IDE. In a methodical, workmanlike way, Clayberg and Rubel wend their way through the components of a professionally-produced plug-in, with an eye towards qualifying for the RWFS certification.


There is no fat to be trimmed here. Instead, this book focuses on enumerating everything from the solid underpinnings to the little touches that make a plug-in into a dependable, useable tool. The book includes many screen shots and some nice UML diagrams.

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It's nicely up to date, as the step-by-step instructions and screen shots pertain to the recently-released Eclipse version 3. Before you even think about distributing a plug-in you've written, read this book. More info at Amazon.