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And so it is with humility that I attempt to have anything to say here, and yet, I must speak. Sufism speaks through those that hear its call.

The Time of Science and the Sufi Science of Time

And so, if I get it wrong, and I must get it wrong, I can only hope the melody is musical in a way which resonantes with some aspect of the spirit of what it is trying to say through an imperfect instrument like myself. And so, this post is necessarily an extreme simplification, and the notions I want to extract from a few thinkers, texts, practices, and traditions, are an attempt to simply find some way in which the Sufi tradition can blast us out of the simplicity of our view of it, and of the sense that it is somehow beyond the purview of what philosophy today, in the west or elsewhere, should consider as having something vital to say.

L, Amber said this on August 21, at am Reply. Texts like yours, scattered here and there over the Internet, offer some guidance in exploring this vast ocean that Sufism is. Berni Moestafa said this on November 7, at pm Reply.

How Sufism Began

If i may, your view of The Judaistic concept of God is a bit skewed. IN the Kabbalistic teachings God is Not a father but infinite force. It can also lead a meditator to become fettered to any experience of peace or equanimity that meditating on this view might produce. As MN points out, the perception of not-self, when consistently applied to all experience through the senses, can lead to a formless level of meditative absorption called the dimension of nothingness.

On attaining this level of concentration, a person who holds to the view that there is no self would read the experience of nothingness as confirmation of that view.

Awakening Beyond Time: An Essay About the Magic of Meditation - Jeff Carreira

Satisfied that he had found the truth, he would stop there, not realizing that there is more work to be done. NK said this on December 30, at pm Reply. Nevertheless, there is a strain in Islamic thought in which God is seen as without qualities, versus those which see God as possessing qualities, the division between which was one of the primary debates in Islamic thought in the classical period.

As with most Perennailists, he starts from his own particular faith heritage of origin, in this case, Sufi Islam, and moves towards the others from there via his own version of mysticism. Highly recommended. This interpenetration of emptiness and form is surely an aspect of Mahayana Buddhism, and to some extent, Theravada as well the integration of the insights of selflessness and pratityasamutpada into the experience of life before one achieves parinirvana.

It is the point at which these very binaries break down which is supposed to bring about a shift in the way one relates to the world, in both Buddhist and Sufi traditions. Thanks for the reply. They seem to have discovered this mind state spontaneously obviously, without understanding Buddhist theory on this topic. Only when this came about, only when the acclimation to a life without an ultimate reality was complete; when there was no hope, no trust remaining; only when I had finally to accept what is, did I suddenly realise that what is, is truth itself, and all that Is.

I had to discover it was only when every single, subtle, experience and idea — conscious and unconscious — has come to an end, a complete end, that it is possible for the Truth to reveal itself. Because of this, the mind is so open and clear than no preconceived notions can get a foothold; no idea can be carried over from one moment to another; much less, could any notion demand conformity from others.

In a word, what is to be done or thought is always underfoot, with no need to step aside in order to find out what is to be thought, believed, or enacted….

Introduction to Sufi Literature in North India

Though what Is, is the act, movement, and changing of all forms — and is form itself — it is, at the same time, the unchanging, unknowable aspect of all form. Thus, that which Is, continually observes the coming and going — the changing and movement — of its own form or acts, without participating in any essential change itself.

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Since the nature or essence of Itself is act, there can be no separation between its knowing, acting, existing, or between any aspect of itself, because that which acts, that which it acts upon, and the act itself are one without division. It never goes outside itself to know itself because the unmanifested, the manifesting, and the manifested are One.

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NK said this on January 5, at pm Reply. Hamid said this on March 25, at pm Reply. Sufism: The Formative Period and 2. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Sign me up! Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Sufis make a convincing defence from the Qur'an and Sunna what the Prophet said, did, agreed to or condemned. Sufis acknowledge that Tariqas were not established at the time of the Prophet. They consider that the Prophet his companions and their immediate successors, the first three generations, embodied Islamic mysticism but the phenomenon was too general to have a specific name.

Later generations of Muslims became distracted by worldliness and so those, now in the minority, that were dedicated to worshipping Allah were given the name Sufi. This turn of events was eloquently described in the 10th Century by Abu l-Hasan Fushanji who said:. Although the word Sufism is absent from prophetic speech, it's believed Sufism's place in Islam is described by the Prophet:. There were no signs of travel on him. None amongst us recognized him. At last he sat with the Apostle peace be upon him. He knelt before him placed his palms on his thighs and said: Muhammad, inform me about Islam.

He the inquirer said: You have told the truth. He then, said to me: Umar, do you know who this inquirer was?

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I replied: Allah and His Apostle knows best. He the Holy Prophet remarked: He was Gabriel the angel. He came to you in order to instruct you in matters of religion. Liberation is the nature of our existence. The only thing that keeps us from realizing it is our own insistence that something is in our way. The practice of direct awakening is not an activity designed to liberate you. It is the practice of freedom itself.

The goal is freedom and the practice is to be free. No distance needs to be traveled and no time passes in this journey to where you already are. This is the realization of radical immediacy. The magic begins as soon as we choose to be free by simply allowing everything to be exactly the way it already is. Suddenly we realize that we have slipped out of time.

Stolen Child

We have become liberated from the relentless march of passing moments. It is impossible to describe in words, but it is as if you are nowhere and everywhere simultaneously. You still see every thought, every feeling, every sensation, but you are not inside them any longer. As you continue to rest in this magical space beyond time, the passing show of arising experience becomes less and less captivating of your attention.

Gradually you become aware of the utterly invisible infinite space that all experience arises in. Once we taste the invisible infinitude that engulfs us, we realize that it is not just empty space. It is a living being — the ultimate source of wisdom and love in the universe. It is not dead.

ṢūfĪ Thought and Practice

It is alive and it lives through us. From this moment on, we feel compelled to become an ever more perfect vessel for the manifestation of this universal heart and mind. If we are so lucky that our identification with the small self yields to the recognition of who we really are, our spiritual orientation will flip on its head.

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