Angelic Tales of The Universe. Tale 3. The Gateway Between The Worlds

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It's probably a slightly different variant, since it's left questionable if the story is about an imaginary door or a real one, but it's still a door to another world. From right near the end:. I do not know.

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I have told his story as he told it to me. There are times when I believe that Wallace was no more than the victim of the coincidence between a rare but not unprecedented type of hallucination and a careless trap, but that indeed is not my profoundest belief. You may think me superstitious if you will, and foolish; but, indeed, I am more than half convinced that he had in truth, an abnormal gift, and a sense, something--I know not what--that in the guise of wall and door offered him an outlet, a secret and peculiar passage of escape into another and altogether more beautiful world.

Since I believe it's well past Copyright, you can read it online here. The protagonist, a woman, travels to another world at the North Pole. You have to go to the actual pole, and try to travel trough it, in order to reach the other world. There's a comment by the author that suggests there are many worlds "skilful Astronomers have often observed two or three Suns at once. There's no small doorway, but this link between worlds does allow for seeing from one into the next. This other world is clearly defined as being a separate world even with its own sun, which moves differently in the sky than ours.

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  7. It also has strange creatures such as Bear-Creatures and Fox men that aren't the typical Fey creatures from folklore. This other creatures even have their own language, which the Lady learns. It's not as concrete of an example as in Phantastes , where different doorways lead to different worlds, but it does show us that writers were thinking of ideas such as travelling to unique new worlds at least as early as the mids. No sooner was the Lady brought before the Emperor, but he conceived her to be some Goddess, and offered to worship her; which she refused, telling him, for by that time she had pretty well learned their Language that although she came out of another world.

    The rest of the Inhabitants of that World, were men of several different sorts, shapes, figures, dispositions, and humors, as I have already made mention, heretofore; some were Bear-men, some Worm-men, some Fish- or Mear-men, otherwise called Syrens; some Bird-men, some Fly-men, some Ant-men, some Geese-men, some Spider-men, some Lice-men, some Fox-men, some Ape-men, some Jack daw-men, some Magpie-men, some Parrot-men, some Satyrs, some Gyants, and many more, which I cannot all remember;.

    Having thus finished their discourse of the Sun and Moon, the Empress desired to know what Stars there were besides? But they answer'd, that they could perceive in that World none other but Blazing Stars, and from thence it had the name that it was called the Blazing-World; and these Blazing-Stars, said they, were such solid, firm and shining bodies as the Sun and Moon, not of a Globular, but of several sorts of figures: some had tails; and some, other kinds of shapes.

    At last, the Empress commanded them to go with their Telescopes to the very end of the Pole that was joined to the World she came from, and try whether they could perceive any Stars in it: which they did; and, being returned to her Majesty, reported that they had seen three Blazing-Stars appear there, one after another in a short time, whereof two were bright, and one dim; but they could not agree neither in this observation: for some said, It was but one Star which appeared at three several times, in several places; and others would have them to be three several Stars;.

    Wherefore I'le conferr with them, and enquire whether there be not another World, whereof you may be Empress as well as I am of this? No sooner had the Empress said this, but some Immaterial Spirits came to visit her, of whom she inquired, Whether there were but three Worlds in all, to wit, the Blazing World where she was in, the World which she came from, and the World where the Duchess lived?

    The Spirits answered, That there were more numerous Worlds then the Stars which appeared in these three mentioned Worlds. Besides, said she, the Fire-stone will serve you instead of Light or Torches; for you know, that the World you are going into, is dark at nights especially if there be no Moon-shine, or if the Moon be overshadowed by Clouds and not so full of Blazing-Stars as this World is, which make as great a light in the absence of the Sun, as the Sun doth when it is present; for that World hath but little blinking Stars, which make more shadows then light, and are onely able to draw up Vapours from the Earth, but not to rarifie or clarifie them, or to convert them into serene air.

    Thus after all things were made fit and ready, the Empress began her Journey; I cannot properly say, she set Sail, by reason in some Part, as in the passage between the two Worlds which yet was but short the Ships were drawn under water by the Fish-men with Golden Chains, so that they had no need of Sails there, nor of any other Arts, but onely to keep out water from entering into the Ships, and to give or make so much Air as would serve, for breath or respiration, those Land-Animals that were in the Ships;.

    In this story, there's much talk about Stars in the sky. Even the world is named Blazing-World because of the blaze of all the stars in the sky is so bright that the night isn't dark, like in our world. When they observe our world they see only 3 stars, but they can't even decide if it was 1 star seen thrice, or three stars seen once apiece. If these worlds were actually physically joined at their poles, such as two spheres stacked atop another, then there should be more visible to the astronomers with their telescopes.

    I lean towards the second explanation, because throughout the tale there is mention of Spirits and Souls. The Lady speaks with both of these immaterial beings and has the Soul of the Duchess of Cavendish, the author, brought before herself. Clifford D.

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    Simak's City has this scene:. There were other doors and Jenkins strode to one.

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    With his hand upon the latch he told himself the futility of opening it, the futility of searching any further. If this one room was old and empty, so would be all the other rooms. His thumb came down and the door came open and there was a blast of heat, but there was no room. There was desert—a gold and yellow desert stretching to a horizon that was dim and burnished in the heat of a great blue sun.

    Jenkins slammed the door shut, stood numbed in mind and body. A desert. A desert and a thing that skittered. Not another room, not a hall, nor yet a porch—but a desert. And the sun was blue—blue and blazing hot. Slowly, cautiously, he opened the door again, at first a crack and then a little wider. The desert still was there. The novel City was published in , but City is a fix-up novel compiled from stories published between and The short story Aesop was first published in the December, issue of Astounding see footnote 2.

    That amazing story fulfils a lot of firsts.

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    It was written during the first Edwardian flirtations with what we would consider 'real SF' as opposed to the often politically-motivated satires of Wells. It also principally involves what today might be considered a 'soft spot' in the barriers between dimensions and times - offering the protagonist a view of a FAR future Earth which is inhabited by creatures so far removed from our own world they would be at home in Lovecraft's much later offerings.

    The entry way is dark, so they can't see into the other world, but they can hear into the other world before entering. They travel through this gate, at first not being able to see anything different. This is much like the question's example of the Narnia books. When Lucy first enters into Narnia from the wardrobe, she's not able to see that she's entering a new world. However, she's able to feel and hear that she's entering a new world, because of the crunch of snow and feel of branches:.

    Then she noticed that there was something crunching under her feet.

    But instead of feeling the hard, smooth wood of the floor of the wardrobe, she felt something soft and powdery and extremely cold. Next moment she found that what was rubbing against her face and hands was no longer soft fur but something hard and rough and even prickly. Please note that I'm not submitting this translation merely because of it's use of the word portal. There are many translations. I read "portal" in this case as "door", "entry", or "gate", which is also reflected in other translations:. In a way the earliest graves dug by the Neanderthals can be interpreted as portals to another worlds: the spirit of the dead is transcending into the next world.

    That is why they buried their people with full set of clothes, tools and weapons. Later on during paleolithic era a cast of shamans emerged in society. They were believed to have some sort of mental or physical connection to the spirit world. If not the graves, then perhaps shaman's rituals can be considered as first instance of a portal? I also remember reading several articles about stone-age religions, which mentioned that out ancestors treated some old trees and caves as gates to the spirit world, but unfortunately they weren't on first page of my google search, so no links on this one, sorry.

    It was there, they say, that they entered the world through a hollow log. He kept climbing until he reached another hole in the trunk.

    Alternate Universe

    Slipping through, he found himself standing on the ground. It was daylight! The others came out of the tree, one by one, laughing with joy because they had escaped from the dark underground place. They saw a river, a grassy prairie, and herds of deer and antelope. Right then and there, Saynday and his people decided to make this sunny world their new home.

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    Strange Tales of Portals to Other Dimensions

    What is the first instance of a portal to another world? Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 11 months ago.